Fees & Application


All fees are shown in US dollars and include training, meals, accommodation, and administration. When you arrive at the school you will be given a school t-shirt.

There is a one-time application fee of $100 USD. This guarantees your place at the school during the dates that you specify, depending on availability. It also includes the cost of pickup from Changchun airport or Siping train station.

To encourage students to train longer, we offer a discount for each additional month you pay for in advance:

For Fee per month Total payable in advance
One month $890 USD $890 USD
Two months $860 $1720
Three months $830 $2490
Four months $800 $3200
Five months $770 $3850
Six months $740 $4440
Seven months $710 $5180
Eight months $680 $5440
For Fee per year
First year $5660 USD
Second year $5060
Third year $4700
Fourth year $4300
Fifth year $4000

Please note that the prices are subject to the fluctuation of the dollar and are not guaranteed until your application is accepted.

Application Form

If you’d like to attend training at Kung Fu School China, please fill out the following application form and click on the “Confirmed” button below.

We will let you know within 7 days if you have been accepted for training. At that time, your next step is to pay a non-refundable $100 USD application fee to guarantee a place for you at the academy on the date you desire to arrive. For your convenience and security, we use PayPal for online payments

We recommend that you submit the form one to six months prior to planned arrival in order to finish all the travel preparations, such as visa and plane tickets.

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For your convenience and security, we use PayPal for online payments

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