Qi Gong

Qi Gong translates to ‘Life energy’ or ‘breath work’ . Qi gong is split into two parts; internal also known as Soft Qi gong and external also known as Hard Qi gong, both involve three parts, breath, mind and posture (both stillness and movement)

Qi Gong refers to a wide variety of traditional cultivation practices that involve movement and/or regulated breathing designed to be therapeutic.
Thousands of years ago, the Chinese began to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. From this an advanced form of internal Kung Fu was created and has been handed down from generation to generation. The great masters can use this form of Kung Fu to awaken their internal and potential power.

Internal or soft Qi gong uses the unity of Breath and Mind, creating relaxation, quietness and mental focus along with posture, using stillness and movement combined. In Chinese philosophy and medicine there exists the concept of Qi ‘chi’, a vital force that animates the body. One of the avowed aims of Qi Gong is to foster the circulation of this ‘chi’ within the body. It can be moved to any part of your body using your mind to control it, having the power to restore your body making it strong enough to defend and resist against illness and physical attack. This kind of internal Kung Fu not only can strengthen your body, but also can refine your character, improve your physiological action and develop potential.

External or hard Qi gong is practiced to physically strengthen the body and help condition the bones, this helps in preparing your body for fights and withstanding force. You can condition every part of your body, hands, arms, head, legs, fingertips etc. Some exercises used to achieve this are headstands, handstands on your fingertips, slapping your skin which can also help with circulation and being hit or kicked all over your body among many more techniques. It is also believed that this helps you to be more immune to sickness.

During your time at our school you will have the chance to practice both internal and external Qi gong.