Our School

The Kung Fu School China is located in a small, quiet town on the outskirts of Siping in the northern Chinese province of Jilin. We provide indoor and outdoor training facilities and summer-time training takes place in the mountains as traditionally done. There is a comfortable, home-like atmosphere so that students can relax and create life-long friendships when they are not training. The school takes a maximum of twenty students so that each student gets dedicated training time with Master Wang.

Eating well is important during rigorous training. The Kung Fu School China provides large meals of traditional home-cooked Chinese food. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available, and other special diets (such as gluten-free) can be accommodated on request.


In the morning you will get bread and eggs. For lunch and dinner, we serve Chinese dishes including one to two dishes with meat, one egg dish, one to two vegetable dish and rice. We serve chips occasionally throughout the week and noodles instead of rice once a week. We also occasionally make homemade Chinese dumplings, which our students can learn how to make alongside our cooks.


Two students share a comfortable room and each student has their own bed, wardrobe, and desk. The rooms are heated during the cold winter months.

Students are expected to keep their rooms clean and tidy at all times. There are western-style washrooms with showers.


Free time
On the weekends, students can relax at the school, go into Siping to stock up on their favourite snacks, see historical sights, or visit the various scenic attractions in the area. During the week, students typically rest during their training breaks.

Students will have limited access to the internet while at the school. Many students bring laptops with movies to watch or share with other students in their free time. Books and games are also popular choices.


Rules & regulations
Master Wang works hard to create an atmosphere that supports hard work, respect, and friendship. If you come to Kung Fu School China, you will be required to follow these rules:

All students will:

  • Attend all training sessions, work hard, and be on time. 
  • Treat each other and all school staff and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  • Keep their rooms clean and tidy at all times.

Students are not allowed to:

  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoke
  • Do drugs
  • Fight
  • Behave in any way that is disrespectful to others, themselves, or the school.

If a student does not follow these rules, they may receive consequences or be immediately dismissed from the school without reimbursement, depending on the severity of the action.