Our Students

Boas Kämpfen (August 2016 – August 2017) 

Age: 25 Time spent with Master Wang: 1 year Nationality: Swiss

I came to the school a year ago, having previous knowledge in martial arts. My experience at the school was amazing. Learning Kung Fu under Sifu Wang gave me so much more then I originally expected.   

At the beginning, I thought almost every week to take the next flight to go back home. I had a hard time to adapt myself to the hard training and to be able to express myself and understand everyone around me. My plan was to stay here for 4 months, and I ended up extending my stay for one year. The reason was that once I got used to all the physical and mental difficulties, I saw what overcoming those obstacles gave me, and that I had more to gain then I actually expected.  The training is hardcore. Between sweat, pain, tears and laughter you toughen up, and it’s great to share these moments with the other students.  The number of students doesn’t exceed 20, so everybody gets a lot of attention from Sifu. For me, Sifu Wang is the best martial artist I ever met. He pushes you to your farthest limits, and if you show great will you will learn amazing things. Before I came here I knew that I love martial arts, but after being here I understand what it is to be a martial artist. It is a way of life…Read more from Boas!

Fabien Chazot (December – April 2017) 

Age: 42 Time spent with Master Wang: 5 months Nationality: French

I stayed 5 months in Xing Long Kungfu School and it has been a pleasure to have the chance to learn real Kungfu with Wang Sifu. My first 2 months were tough for me because I never did martial arts before, but at 42 years old, my experience here has certainly helped me to develop an incredible personal discipline in many ways.

Now the training and stretching are really hard but if you keep in there the results will show themselves so fast, even the strength of mentality. Having the master around you makes you push beyond your imagination, now this turns into motivation and he always is there to motivate and help you even more.

As well I would say that what I’ve found of great value was the rare opportunity to be 100% focused without and disturbances from everyday life. The school is perfectly placed for this type of lifestyle, right next to some mountains, a forest and a lake, which is a great thing.

It was a strong and deep immersion in the Chinese culture that I am very grateful to my Sifu and somehow the training touches your heart and spirit. This authentic experience will stay with me forever as I feel the privilege to have been a part of the Xing Long Kungfu School in Siping.

Radoslav Detchev (November – August 2017)  

Age: 24  Time spent with Master Wang: 9 months Nationality: Canadian

Amin (January – March 2017)

Age: 30 Time spent with Master Wang: 2 months Nationality: Israel 

When I first came to the school it was the middle of winter. I come from a warm country so I am not used to this cold weather, but the beauty of nature covered in snow was a wonderful sight to see and an amazing experience.

I came with a friend that has been practicing Kung Fu for many years. Since the first moment I arrived I felt like I belong, it really felt like home. Everybody was really nice and welcoming.

The training was hard but also easy in a way – the program that shifu build for me was very well planned – the training gradually became harder and harder, but as the training became harder I felt how much I’m improving…read more from Amin! 

Mohamed (January – March 2017)

Age: 28 Time spent with Master Wang: 2 months Nationality: Israel 

I came to this school after looking at many different options. I learned Kung Fu for 9 years before I came, so it was very important for me to find a place and a teacher that can enrich my knowledge.

I am very happy I chose Shifu Wangs’ school. This was an amazing experience.

I had many Kung Fu teachers in my life, from all over the world. shifu Wang still managed to surprise me. He has so much knowledge, so much experience. And it goes beyond Kung Fu. He is such a good and true person. He really takes the time to get to know and connect to the students. He gave me exactly what I came here for…read more from Mohamed!

Harry Layman-Brown

Age: 27 Time spent with Master Wang: 3 months Nationality: British 

I chose to come to this school as I previously trained under Shifu Wang 8 years ago. At that time he taught at another school along with other masters but now he teaches alone at his own school. The school itself is based about 20 minutes from a large city, (though small by Chinese standards) surrounded by forests, with only a few other people living nearby. The school has two main areas for training -a large training hall with punch bags and a smaller one with mats on the floor. When the weather is good, training also takes place on the concrete road just outside the school. Aside from the training areas there are two bathrooms (both with western toilets and hot water showers), a dining room and the student’s rooms. Each room is normally shared with one other person and is comfortable enough after the 8 hours of training each day!

Training was varied during my stay, with a general timetable we followed but there was always something new each session…read more from Harry!

Eyal Grossman(April to July 2016)

Age: 28 Time spent with Master Wang: 3 months Nationality: Israeli

When i was 12 years old i had a dream to go to china and study Kung Fu in the shaolin temple and of course become a shaolin master, but my parents didn’t allow me to go. After spending 2 and a half months in this school. I can wholeheartedly say i am glad that they didn’t send me to china. Instead i got to train in a wonderful school under one incredible master Shifu Wang, in an English speaking environment and a family like atmosphere. The fact that the school is small and that there is only one master appealed to me. The master Shifu Wang is a top level teacher of the art of kung fu. His vast knowledge and experience in teaching is well felt. I was always amazed at how much creativity this guy has in training and in finding ways to push your limits further and further. I never thought one could do so many exercises with a broomstick and bricks…read more from Eyal!

Nouschka Seesing (September 2016 – June 2017)


Age: 30 Time spent with Master Wang: 10 months Nationality: Dutch

I won’t lie and say it’s like a freaking cakewalk at Shifu Wang’s kung fu school. Blood, sweat and tears it is. Barely any sleep at night for the first months thanks to the agonizing muscles all over your body and the rock hard beds aren’t any help with that (quite the unpleasant surprise when I decided to take a huge jump on the bed after my long flight from Belgium and basically ended with a nosebleed from hitting the “mattress” with my face). I am serious if I say I discovered muscles I didn’t even know the existence of before. And I can’t count the times I would wake up in the morning, stare at the ceiling for about 10 seconds and have the same first thought of the day over and over again: “Why am I doing this again? Why am I putting myself through all of this pain?” People at home declared me nuts multiple times, also because it’s not really the most logical thing to do when you’re a woman over 30 years old; an age when you supposedly should already have bought a house, have a career, be happily married and be pregnant of your 3rd child. But every time this would cross my mind I would remind myself that I came to this place to become a better, healthier and stronger person. I came here to discover how far I could push myself, to find my limits. Through the pain you suffer from you can become a kinder and gentler person towards others. You start to appreciate hard work even more. So I would drag myself to the training hall, day after day, for another day of being kicked and beaten around. But taking all of this into account it’s so nice to notice the difference in your body and the progress you make from the day you arrive until the day you leave. Training martial arts definitely is a life long kinda thing. The support you get from the other students is amazing as well. Whenever you would feel like it’s becoming too much there will be someone to lift you up again, because they know what you’re going through. Being at Shifu Wang’s also offers a nice opportunity to have a little time to think and have a semi-peace of mind, which is not an obvious thing in the rushed society we live in nowadays. The school is not like most other schools. You get the chance to train in a relatively small group, giving you the chance to have a much more personal training and have a great atmosphere around the school. It’s more like you have a second family. I still smile when I think back to the Friday nights of playing cards in the kitchen, cracking one joke after another and the Monday nights of huddling together in Shifu’s office to watch the last “Game Of Thrones” episode with our favorite snacks, which we had bought in the supermarket in Siping on the weekend. Shifu is such an awesome guy too. A tough guy who’ll go hard on you but he’s much of a friend as well. Always willing to listen and be understanding if you have any problems and definitely there to share a laugh. I am so grateful to have met him and all the other amazing guys I got to train with. Everyone there has conquered a special place in my heart… The fact that I was one of only two women there didn’t make much of a difference either. I never was treated differently.

Ladies be warned; Shifu won’t go softer on you at all, haha! But I very much appreciated this about him. I would’ve been disappointed if it was any other way. I recommend training with Shifu school at all times. I miss the place and its people so much… I am already planning my next trip to China!

Toni (April-June 2016)


Age: 19 Time spent with Master Wang: 3 months Nationality: German

Hey my name is Toni, 

Though I stayed for 3 months only, this probably was the most intense time I ever experienced.

The School ist located on a farm land, small and simple. People are friendly, there is family-like atmosphere and a caring master. Food and accommodation are provided, so all you need to do is train hard, rest and repeat!

My favourite part was doing taichi in the beautiful and quiet nature to relax body and soul, which is a great balance to the hardcore training and bunny-hoppin’ around.

You really learn to push through, even if you do not have any energy left but still 2 lines of wheelbarrow to do. At the end of the day, you sit at the dinner table, sweaty, trying to hold your chopsticks with shaking hands and have a smile on your face.

In the evenings I took a shower, read a book, listened to music and tried to get 9 hours of sleep to regenerate and prepare for the next day. Each day had its own challenge.

If you like, you can go on a trip and discover china. I traveled to the shaolin temple in Henan, Dengfeng with a crazy but lovely frenchguy (shoutout to Youri).

Thank you for the great time, Sifu.

Alexander Corne (2012-2015)

 22 Time spent with Master Wang: 3 years Nationality: British

I’ve been writing this review for a while now, it was pretty difficult to fit three years into under 140 characters… Then I remembered that this isn’t twitter so I wrote a longer one. Enjoy!

When I arrived at the Xinglong Kung Fu School three years ago, it wasn’t even called the ‘Xinglong Kung Fu School’, in fact it didn’t really have a name at all.

Some people would call it ‘Master Wang’s school’, some people would just call it ‘Kung Fu School China’ as that’s what the website address indicated the name was. It wasn’t until sometime last year that we all sat down and named the school after the Buddhist title of our teacher Shi Xinglong, largely because my suggestion of ‘The Shaolin School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ was vetoed for reasons I won’t go into.

When I arrived at whatever you wanted to call it…Read more from Alex

Amanda Wikstrom (February 2015)

11026033_482591198555716_2686993624908465050_n copy Time spent with Master Wang: 1 month Nationality: Swedish

During my month at the school I felt muscle pain, joint pain, was hit with a staff, was both encouraged and laughed at by an Irishman, Englishman, Mexican and a Swede, and learnt far more than I thought possible in such a short period of time. Eight hours of training a day with Shifu Wang bring out sweat, tears, sometimes a little blood and, occasionally, a scream or two. Shifu encourages his students to push themselves beyond their limits. He gives all of us individual attention and helps us develop and strengthen our body and mind ”together” – he teaches us Kung Fu.

An amazingly positive, friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes up for any minor faults in the facility. At the end of my month I feel part of a big family of stray martial art nerds from all corners of the world that have found refuge in-the-middle-of-nowhere-China and surrendered themselves to the guidance of a kind, caring, beyond competent Shaolin master. Sounds silly perhaps, but feels true. Already planning my next visit.

Sarah Michel (August 2014)

IMG_20140902_184624 Age: 19 Time spent with Master Wang: 1 month Nationality: Canadian

This journey was an amazing experience that I would gladly repeat. Wang Shifu is an amazing teacher and friend, and I am proud to have been taught by him. We not only work on techniques, strength, and flexibility but he also teaches our body and mind to become one. Weaponry is another section he teaches, and during my short stay I was able to learn a few cool staff techniques. I wanted to work on my strength and flexibility and I was able to improve a lot more than I expected. Everyday is a lot of hard work and sometimes I wouldn’t see the results right away but only a few days later so I had to learn to be patient with my body and let it take in all the new things at its own speed. I really loved conditioning classes and hardening the body. In this class we also learn locks and how to get out of locks as well as counter attacks. I enjoyed all of these exercises and Shifu will accommodate the training to your body type, so a short girl like me will sometimes practice different exercises than a tall and stronger man would. This definitely had a positive impact on my body and mind. Thank you Shifu and the rest of the team for this unforgettable journey.

Scott Brady (June-August 2014)

 32 Time spent with Master Wang: 3 month Nationality: Canadian

In the past I studied under Wang Shifu at another school and was very pleased to learn that he had started a school of his own, successfully operating it for over a year now. Shaolin kung fu is big business in China, so many masters will promise you the world, but from my experience few deliver on all the hype. Wang Shifu is an authentic 7th band Shaolin Master who can trace his lineage back to his Shaolin Temple roots. I’ve trained with a handful of Shaolin masters over the years, and made many friends with other kung fu students across China, hand’s down Wang Shifu is one of the best around. Most foreign students training in China who have been there a while will know of him, not only from the high calibre of his teaching, but based on his experience teaching foreigners for 10+ years in many different schools across China. In my view what makes Wang Shifu one of the best is that he takes training to heart, and he takes it seriously — he will push his students to their own limits yet at the same time is cognizant that all students learn at different paces. Whether you are young or old, male or female, caucasian or a minority, he will teach you as an individual and if you are ready he will help you push yourself beyond any limits you thought you had. At the same time he is very humorous and approachable, so gets along with everyone easily.

Mikhail Rossell (October-May 2014)

Age: 24 Time spent with Master Wang: 7 month Nationality: American

Rewarding. When I think of my seven months in China training with Master Wang , the thought that sums it up, the one I keep returning to boils down to that word: Rewarding. I went to the Academy with a vague idea of what to expect because my brother trained under Master Wang two years ago– his journey and results inspired me to improve my own life by undertaking this challenge. I wanted to change myself for the better– and for me, there was no better place to do it than with Sifu and the other students at the school, who are supportive and always ready to help a newcomer to martial arts as long as the DESIRE to improve is in you. My brother studied under Sifu for about five months. When he came back he was a different person, and I say that in the best possible sense of the phrase. He had lost about 30 pounds of fat, an awesome feat in itself– but way more important was his conversion from a sit-on-your-heels mentality to the mindset of all-out attack on any obstacles in his life, be they mental, spiritual, or physical. I will never forget his dramatic transformation as long as I live. THAT is primarily what I wanted for myself.Read more from Mikhail… 

Berglind Muller (October-February 2014)

Berglind Age:
 20 Time spent with Master Wang: 4 months Nationality: Iceland/Bingdao

I trained with Master Wang for 4 and a half months, learning Kung Fu was one of the greatest experience I have had in my life, even though the training is really hard and challenging you come out a better person from this experience. Shifu is a great teacher who truly cares about his students and is always willing to help what ever the matter is to make this a great experience. During training he requires discipline and that you are fully dedicated to the training but at the same time he is very kind and good hearted person, as a result you will develop your Kung fu skills much faster. I had no earlier experience in martial arts and was not in good shape when I came to this school, he has helped me change that a lot. I have learned not only Kung Fu but also a lot about myself, I’ve learned that I am capable of doing things I never imagined I could do and have been forced to work on my weaknesses. Being here in China has been really life changing and this is definitely a good experience, even though it can be really hard at times it is something that I fully recommend other people to do. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact me at berglind.muller@hotmail.com

Mathias Moen (December 2013)

 Age: 21 Time spent with Master Wang: 2 month Nationality: Norwegian

Training at the kung fu School is very good! it is 100% focus on training to get the Perfect technique. The School is located in a very calm part of China, and the silence of nature is not disturbed by any traffic, so morning tai chi will be just as peaceful as it is suposed to be. Shifu Shi Xing Long is a great master, teacher and friend. The living facilities are much better then i expected them to be, so when you r not training, u have a comfertable room to rest in. The Food is great traditional Chinese food With a lot of flavour too it. If you are looking too learn Shaolin Kung Fu, you should contact the School and they will gladly welcome you!

Darryl Nicholson (August-November 2013)

Darryl Shaolin Age:
 27 Time spent with Master Wang: 3 months Nationality: British

In 2013 I visited Shifu Xing long’s Shaolin kung fu school in china. I trained with the school for 3 months. I enjoyed every minute. The training was tough but fair. I felt I learnt a lot both in martial arts and in life. My skills and abilities developed quickly and the longer I trained the faster I was able to progress, thanks to a great teacher. Shifu Xing Long looked after every one of his students, not just as students but as friends as well. The food and accommodation was really good, i met some great people. The only regret I have is not staying longer. All in all it was an amazing experience. I encourage anyone who is interested to learn Shaolin kung fu to contact and train at the school.

Asiya Mahdiyah Shoot (October 2013)

Age: 28 Time spent with Master Wang: 1 month Nationality: American Iranian

In the fall of 2013 I had one month to spare between studying at Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals in China as an Acupuncture student, and volunteering with Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal. I was inspired to spend this time immersed in discipline, so travelling solo, I went North to study at KungFuSchoolChina. I was primarily interested in mastering Tai Chi 24 form, and spending time to not only gain physical strength, but also to practice qi gong daily knowing that this would ultimately strengthen my mind, spirit, health and will. ! Having no previous training in Kungfu, I really didn’t know what to expect, but the experience at this school is exactly what you see in the videos! I know that what I write now is what everyone else has written, because it is true…I honestly gained more in one month than I could with years of studying at any school in America. This is because Master Wang is 100% dedicated to each and every one of his students who arrive at his door…actually, from before you arrive! From day one he trained me at the level I needed to be trained; giving me no room to slack, with complete motivation and inspiration to achieve everything I was looking for, and more.Read more from Asiya… 

Elchanan Lewis

Nonnie Power Stretching Age: 24 Time spent with Master Wang: 3 months Nationality: Israeli

I trained at Shifu Wang’s school for almost 3 months and it was a great experience. To start off, the training is really intense and “true” as Shifu would put it. We actually do 8 hours a day and I doubt you can find other schools in China where you would train this much. The training varies from Tai-Chi to traditional Shaolin basics and forms, Sanda, and some one-time a week classes such as QI-Gong, power training, mountain running and the best of all: conditioning (where it’s OK to cry even if your a real tough guy (-; ). When I arrived at the school there were only six of us and now it has doubled, but Shifu makes sure to keep the training serious and so do all the students. About Shifu Wang, he is a really good guy and he goes out of his way to help all the students with anything they need down to the smallest detail like always making sure the food is to everyone’s liking, aside from the fact that he’s a friggin’ amazing shaolin master! And he can speak English. The other people at the school are really cool and not to sound mushy or anything but it really does feel like a small family and people are always ready to help if you have any problems, Kung-Fu related or not. So basically, if your into intense and serious training, this is the place for you. If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to help you out on your Kung-Fu journey to China- hotmale_dot_com2@hotmail.com

Menga Keller

540715_241520285996143_905139874_nTime spent with Master Wang: 7 months Nationality: Swiss

I trained with Master Wang From April-November 2012. It was an unforgettable experience. Before I found Master Wang´s school, I trained under different Masters but no one was as good and as dedicated as Master Wang. From the beginning he pushed me to my limits, which I appreciated a lot especially because I´ m a female. For him this didn´t matter, he treated me the same way he treated all of his other students. He pushes you and makes you discover an unknown potential of which you haven´t been aware before. Master Wang is very caring and respectful at the same time and always worried about the well-being of his students. If he sees that you struggle he motivates you and if he sees you´re not well he´s very understanding. Training with him is tough and a daily challenge. Depending on the day we trained Shaolin forms, do strength training, kickboxing, tai chi, power stretching and much more. Because of the little number of students and Master Wang´s wish to get the best out of his students, everyone improved very fast and made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. I would recommend the school to everybody who is dedicated to martial arts or who is willing to put a lot of effort into learning it. You will be in good hands with Master Wang. I wish him all the best and can´t wait to return to his school in the summer of 2013.

Stewart Gillies

Sifu and HuliTime spent with Master Wang: 2 months Nationality: Australian

Studying Kung Fu under Master Wang was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I came to the academy with no experience in martial arts and no knowledge of the Chinese language. Neither of these shortcomings were a problem as Master Wang speaks excellent English (which is constantly improving) and he tailored a learning program especially for me given my abilities, or lack thereof. The two main elements that made the experience so impactful for me were as follows. Firstly Master Wang, other than the fact that he is an amazingly talented martial artist and fantastic teacher, genuinely cares about the students and will do anything he possibly can to improve their experience and training. Secondly, the feeling of camaraderie amongst the group was something that I’d never witnessed. Even though I was only able to stay for 2 months I felt like I was part of a close-knit family.

Xavier Burgos

Age:24 Time spent with Master Wang: 1 Year Nationality: American

Shaolin training has been a blessing thanks to Master Wang. His energy, motivation, skills and so much more that he has to offer, has made my experience unforgettable. He is highly skilled and wishes for his students to carry on what he has acquired through years of experience. Not only does he train you physically, but he has a way to pass wisdom down for daily life styles. His presence alone speaks volumes and his knowledge on martial arts is one of a kind. He has helped me become proficient in Chin Na, Sanshou (Chinese Kick Boxing), Traditional Shaolin, Meditation,Tai Chi, and also my knowledge of tea and health. Thanks to him I plan on coming back in the future and building a higher degree of martial arts. Read more from Xavier




Kyle Kroeck (March-August 2012)

Nationality: American

The China shaolin temple traditional Kung Fu School has without a doubt been the greatest experience I have ever had. Master Wang is an incredible teacher who is truly gifted at what he does. His passion for martial arts is evident in everything he does and I believe it is what makes him such a great instructor. Not only is he passionate about martial arts, but also about his students. He genuinely cares about every student and if you show him good effort I can guarantee you will excel in everything you do at this school and most likely exceed your own expectations of what you thought you could do. Read more from Kyle… 

Bradley Davis (April- August 2012)

Nationality: British

I came to Wang Sifu’s Shaolin Gong Fu Academy in April and have stayed here until the end of July. I already knew that one year with Wang Sifu would do more for me than 3 years with most other sifus. I had already been in china for 3 months at this point. When I first arrived at Wang Sifu’s academy I saw that everyone was respectful to each other and it felt more like a family than a group of individuals which was unseen at my past school, all the problems I was used to in other schools in China disappeared; the food here is excellent, Sifu always makes sure we have enough to eat and provides us with the nicest food he can supply, and he constantly asks us if we have any ideas for food or the academy in general. Read more from Bradley…